And now I'm done with Mike Lofgren.

Mike Lofgren
Um, the decor looks ... historical? Richard A. Bloom
Stop the press - somebody actually committed journalism! A National Journal cub reporter called up Mike Lofgren and asked him some questions. Congratulations Lara Seligman! You might have a lower-paying but integrity-preserving future in the media if you can keep it up.

Even the hed is good, The Quiet Staffer Who Went Nuclear on the GOP, not calling Lofgren a Republican and only using one word-bomb: nuclear. And if calling a party Fascist isn't nuclear, I don't know what is. First, a few more background details:
The 58-year-old worked on the House Budget Committee from 1995 to 2005; from 2005 until his retirement this May, he was the chief analyst for military spending on the Senate Budget Committee. Lofgren began his career in 1983 on the staff of Rep. John Kasich, R-Ohio, who later became chairman of the House Budget Committee and is now governor of Ohio. He also worked under former Rep. Jim Nussle, once chairman of the House Budget Committee, and former Sen. Judd Gregg, once chairman of the Senate Budget Committee.
And the goods:
Lofgren also emphasized that although he is only now going public with his accusations, he never withheld his opinion when he was on staff. He told NJ that he has never been very political and that he considered himself “professional staff.”
Boo-ya! I was right. Almost as sweet was Lofgren's nailing of the reason the lap-dog media bit off more than was there:
He particularly called out the press for its reaction: “The media love a classic man-bites-dog story.”
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