The Thrill Is Gone

But is it Gone Away for Good?

Well, the traffic explosion from Googling "Norwegian Shooter" has ended. I'm still above the previous norm of single-digit daily visits, but that might not last too long.

I feel conflicted about not taking advantage of this coincidence by posting several articles on Anders Behring Breivik and the attacks in Norway. I suppose I could have loaded up on his name and other keywords. I would like readers, but by what could arguably be called exploiting a tragedy? Don't think so. Thus it wasn't just a vacation that limited me to only a disclaimer and one substantive post. I just didn't really want to write a lot about it so soon.

However, I do want to write about it and I still have a tons of links copied that I will eventually get to. In the meantime, I will beg anyone dropping by here by mistake to say a quick hello in the comments. No writer wants to have a tiny audience. Thanks.
Norwegian Shooter web statsUPDATE: This is my 150th post on Norwegian Shooter. Not bad. I think the median number of posts for a blog is 2. (That is, almost half of all blogs have just one post). Here's to the next 150 and the hope of getting 750 visits a day again!