The Other Scott Horton Is a Hero Too

Scott Horton (Harper's) and Scott Horton (AntiWar Radio)

Gotta stay positive, so I'll submit another installment of my heroes series.

Scott HortonScott Horton (Harper's) writes the No Comment blog for Harper's website. I've had it in my Top Shelf blog roll since its start. He is one impressive dude. Don't let the tortoise-shell frames fool you, he's the international law version of Indiana Jones. While a professor at Columbia Law School, he's traveled extensively in Central Asia, working on human rights issues in severely repressive countries. Horton is also an art connoisseur and he includes many posts combining art, poetry and music. He hasn't done this since April, but I recommend looking through his archive for other examples. As Horton is fluent in several languages, he often provides his own translations.

No Comment focuses on several issues, including the politicization of the Justice Department, torture and detainee policy, and other national security issues. He also publishes great "6 questions" interviews with authors. He doesn't write long form pieces very often, but his latest from March 2010 made a big impact: The Guantanamo "suicides": A Camp Delta sargent blows the whistle. Horton unearthed new testimony from tower guards at Guantanamo about the deaths of three detainees on the same night in June of 2006. It won the National Magazine Award for Reporting this year.[1]

Scott Horton antiwarScott Horton (AntiWar Radio) hosts that program each weekday for a couple of community operated radio stations in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas - where he lives. It is sponsored by the libertarian website, where you can listen to all of his interviews. There's also Horton's own site and blog. Oh, and he writes some articles at, too. The guy is living the dream. I listen to the interviews in my car with my iPhone. (Love it!) I have started to look forward to the open of each interview: "Alright y'all ... Welcome back to the show ... This is AntiWar Radio ... I'm Scott Horton ..." in a clipped Texan accent.

One thing to keep in mind is that depending on the guest, Horton more or less plays a cynical anti-imperialist foil. He'll go off on the War Party (that's both of them) or something else and expect the guest to reel him in from the edge, although there is always at least a grain a truth to what Horton alleges. Another thing is that he's a straight up libertarian - okay, an anarchist - on all issues, not just war. I don't hold that against him.

Horton interviewed Horton just this past week, and he's had him on several times. Horton has a steady stream of regulars, including Pepe Escobar, Gareth Porter, Phillip Giraldi, Jason Leopold, and a couple of editors of But the majority are different writers talking about their latest articles. There is so much information on these interviews - that you won't easily find anywhere else - that I think anyone who doesn't listen to them is uninformed about the actions of the U.S. empire around the world. For instance, can you name the current shooting wars the U.S. is involved in? If that's too easy, how about the number of countries that U.S. Special Forces operate in? Click "Read more" to get the answers.

There's no relation between the two Scott Horton's.

UPDATE: The two Scott Hortons got together again, for the 17th time I think, on AntiWar Radio. The main topic was Dick Cheney's book tour. Horton called the other Horton "a hero" many times during the interview. Right on!

[1] There are also several reports, directed by Mark Denbeaux, a professor at Seton Hall University's School of Law, that cast tremendous doubt on the official Department of Defense story of what happened that night.

Six. Iraq and Afghanistan are declared wars, or what passes for declared wars these days. Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia are the undeclared ones. Bonus question, what do they all have in common?

One-hundred twenty. Yes, 120 by the end of this year. That's double the number from when President Obama took power. It's not just the Afghan and Drone Wars Obama is hyper-escalating.