Afghanistan is Still a Bad War

Imagine That, Escalation Didn't Work.

I swapped my "War" logo link at right from Rethink Afghanistan to the Afghanistan Study Group. I actually don't subscribe to Rethink's blog, which I've now added to the "Best Value" blogroll at right below, while I do subscribe to the ASG Blog. What prompted the switch right now is a post from Monday: Looking for a Way to Cut the Budget; How about Afghanistan? See Where Key Leaders Stand on the Afghanistan War. Here's the post text:
The Afghanistan Study Group developed an interactive infographic identifying where national opinion leaders – politicians, media and academics – stand on President Obama’s plan to remove troops from Afghanistan.

Featuring pundits, media, elected leaders, and academics, the infographic highlights each opinionator’s stance on troop drawdown, as well as a quote articulating his/her point of view. Views are arranged in concentric ellipses, beginning in the center of the circle with those who support escalating the number of troops in Afghanistan and ending with those who support total withdrawal. Those agreeing with President Obama’s plan are placed in the middle. [Not the middle of the graphic, the middle shade of blue]
The image below is actually a Flash graphic that shows details about each person when you mouse over them. Click the image to go to the Flash version. You really should check it out. If you click a name, it takes you to an article where they talk about their position on Afghanistan.ASG ChartYou can also get the html code to embed the Flash yourself at the ASG page.