No Relation

I'm a Norwegian-American guy, but that's the closest I get to the Norwegian shooter in the news. I'm not a Christian or a fascist, and the one time I shot a gun - at a deer - I panicked and missed by a country mile.

I'm currently away from a computer, so this is all I have right now, but I thought it important to get that out to anyone here by mistake.

UPDATE: There is no such thing as bad publicity:Norwegian Shooter visitsI intend to keep the name of this blog as I had it first. Similar to the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, who said Norway's reaction to the shootings will be "more democracy," I intend my response to be more Norwegian Shooter - The Uff-da Commonweal blogging.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Norway should consider awarding him with Nobel price for Carnage& Mayhem.

Norwegian Shooter said...

Remember, the Nobel Prize is awarded by five guys, not the Norwegian state, and has no accountability whatsoever. Just search through the list of awardees to see some very dubious characters. Kissinger and Arafat come immediately to mind, but there are others n

Mike and sometimes Rachel said...

Isn't the Nobel Swedish?

Norwegian Shooter said...

First, I looked at the Peace Prize winners, and the vast majority are great. Two early 20th century American presidents are both terrible choices however. Woodrow Wilson outright lied about his peaceful position on The Great War campaigning in 1916. Teddy Roosevelt Was the other one, not sure what the rational there was.

Second, Alfred Noble set up the Noble prizes in Sweden, the Peace Prize is not related to those, except for the name.