I'm Just a Caveman

Unfrozen Caveman LawyerLawfare: Hard National Security Choices is a blog featuring Benjamin Wittes, Robert Chesney and Jack Goldsmith. I emailed a response to Wittes with some thoughts on his post written with Chesney, Comments on Salahi. I've been following Salahi's case for a couple of years and I thought they were over-emphasizing some legal aspects and missing the factual findings and shortcomings of the ruling by the D.C Circuit Court of Appeals released last Friday.

To my surprise and delight, Wittes offered to post my thoughts in a guest post. True to his word, he published the post this evening, appropriately titled, Reader Response on Salahi. Please go to the post and come back here to comment, as Lawfare doesn't take comments. Thanks again to Ben.

Here are some background articles:
Appeals panel upends judge's order to release Guantanamo captive, Carol Rosenberg.
Caution urged in detainee cases, Lyle Denniston.

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