Democratic vs. Republican Ex-Executives

Walter MondalePlease Shut Up, a post by Balloon Juice founder John Cole, deserves the classic come back, "I am rubber and you are glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!" The topic is Walter Mondale's recent complaint that President Obama should turn off the teleprompters and really connect with voters. Cole was driven moonbat by this innocuous comment because the GOP has also said it:
Some days you just want to scream. I’m not going to go into the notion that Mondale, one of the few men I know for a fact who has lost a statewide election in EVERY STATE IN THE NATION, should not be the one giving advice. But this notion about the teleprompters is just more right-wing bullshit. Obama uses teleprompters for specific occasions when the wording he needs to use has to be very precise. For example, when announcing legislation and what it will do. Or speaking to AIPAC. Etc.
What's with the AIPAC bit? Why would he especially need a teleprompter to deliver words that are entirely predictable before the speech? The bottom line is the extremely slight criticism is not that big a deal. And teleprompter or no, it is true that Obama has not even been the Good Communicator. Mondale also said Obama is "very bright. Matter of fact, brilliant." But a Democrat praising a Democrat, that's obviously not news. Jake Tapper went for the low blow as well:
It may be worth noting that Mondale lost the 1984 presidential election 60%-40%; President Ronald Reagan won 525 electoral votes to Mondale’s 13 – the former VP won only DC and his home state of Minnesota. After the death of Sen. Paul Wellstone, D-Minn., Mondale ran for the Senate in 2002 and lost to St. Paul Mayor Norm Coleman, making Mondale the only major party figure to lose a statewide election in every single state in the nation.
Enough already! Walter Mondale is a Great American (although only a good Norwegian-American). Yes, he got slaughtered by Ronald Reagan in '84. So what! What is a better legacy: winning your last election and then breaking the law or losing and being a truth-teller and statesmen? Btw, Mondale has finally written an auto-biography, "The Good Fight" (review), and is still active in politics.

As Jimmy Carter is also in the news right now, it got me thinking about comparing the post-Presidential careers of Democratic and Republican POTUS and veeps.

Bill ClintonClinton Global InitiativeGeorge W. BushBeuller? Beuller?
Al GoreNobel Peace Prize, "The Assault on Reason"Dick CheneyAvoiding prosecution
Jimmy CarterThe Carter Center, Habitat for Humanity, over 20 booksGeorge H.W. BushNational Italian American Foundation's One America award
Walter MondaleUS Ambassador to JapanDan QuaylePresident of Quayle & Associates

Here's another tidbit, Carter and Mondale were the last administration to neither start or escalate a war nor stage a coup of a foreign government. By the way, the previous administration to hold this honor was Herbert Hoover.

UPDATE: Salon published a short interview with Mondale: Mondale on Obama, and how he could've beat Reagan. (October 26, 2010)