Unitarians Mistaken for Tea Baggers

Okay, I really watched MSNBC last night, no excuses. I had to wind down from a BookTV.org discussion between Lawrence Wilkerson and COIN superstar David Kilcullen. Very informative, but disturbing. I expected this out of Kilcullen, but Wilkerson's lack of pressing questions and nonchalance was surprising.

Anyway, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow fit the bill - I knew the Christine O'Donnell fiasco would provide some laughs. Countdown's #1 story was "Extreme Tea Party makeover", which made fun of Glenn Beck's request to stop wearing costumes and bringing signs to TEA Party rallies. It featured a video package of various protesters in Revolutionary War era outfits and carrying anti-Democrat signs. It seems the Statute of Liberty costume is quite popular too. (I'm sure the selective history of the Tea Baggers has omitted a significant part of the statute's meaning. Like other historical distortions.)

However, one group captured on video didn't fit in with the rest. I quickly recognized the "Standing on the Side of Love" banner in the background (I had one on the sidebar until recently), so I went back and confirmed that the people weren't Tea Bagging at all, but Unitarians! Here's the clip:

The costumes are from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. The signs read:
  • We're all mad here
  • Say what you mean
  • Keep your temper
  • You're nothing but a pack of cards
  • Reject ignorance
Yeah UU's!


Steve Nance said...

Nice catch. As a sometime UU (well hey, when was the last time you heard someone described as a "diehard" or "dyed-in-the-wool" UU?), I found it hilarious. Now that would be a really extreme makeover for Teaps!

Norwegian Shooter said...

Never, but passionate works. Anyway, I actually emailed the Standing on the Side of Love campaign, and tried to get them to contact Countdown. I think they posted in on their facebook, but that's all.