Sprucing Up the Place

I've been changing up the right column content this past week. Mostly cosmetic, like the picture links to some favorite causes, but also an expanded blogroll and a web counter. Since it's not immediately obvious, the "My Price Range" list is of family, friends and bloggers I've corresponded with. If you fit, or want to fit, into any of these categories, send me an email at norwegianshooter (at) gmail (dot) com. I'd also welcome comments on anything at all by email or in the post comments. I need comment crack!

But I do have some methadone for now. The counter at the bottom of the column was added July 24. It shows number of unique visits (besides mine) and if you click on the number, it will take you to my stats page. Seeing this number is certainly the inspiration for cleaning up the right column and my immediate blogging plan. I'm going on vacation this Saturday, so I'm pledging to post once a day for 7 to 10 days straight. I'd love to get some feedback and referrals. Come on people, I'm begging you here.

Back to the bigger blogroll. The "Top Shelf" are the blogs that I read all the posts on. Basically, my sweet spot is for once-a-day posting, and less is better than more. I don't read too many multiple posts per day blogs. Overall, Glenn Greenwald is absolutely the top of my list. (I know, so original!) Daniel Larison is the token conservative, however he rarely writes about domestic policy at all, and he is a paleocon on foreign policy, so he doesn't at all fit the general category of conservative blogger. I also have a token black, John McWhorter, and [dude likes "Family Guy" - he had to go] a token woman, Joan Walsh. I didn't do that on purpose, okay, maybe a little bit. I've got far too many white dudes, so if you have any good suggestions outside this demographic, let me know.

Best Value are sometimes reads. My current favorite out of this bunch is Balloon Juice. Multiple mostly short posts per day by multiple bloggers - I can really handle only one of these at a time. We'll see how long it lasts in my favor.

Balloon Juice blog
The subtitle rotates each click, so I had to grab this one when I could. Politics and humor. Pretty good combo if you do it right, which they do. Check the others out, all are good (enough for me).