Palin Slanders Norwegians

Sarah Palin hand crib notesThis photo shows Sarah Palin cribbing notes on her hand again. But this time, it's a ethnic slur! As everyone knows, the Dutch are vastly inferior to Norwegians. I mean, even the Finns look down on the Dutch. Did you see their soccer team? Hooligans for sure. And what about all those names? Holland, The Netherlands, Dutch - do they really think an alias is going to throw anybody off?

Anyway, getting back to Palin, if she doesn't immediately apologize to all Norwegians, I'm done with her. Oh, I'm already done with her. Well then, if she doesn't make amends real soon, I'll politely tell her I'm done with her.

Click on the picture for a great animation. Funny stuff.

neanderthalUPDATE: David Byrne mentions Norwegians too, comparing them to Neanderthals:

"Didn’t this guy used to play in a Norwegian metal band in the ’80s?"

We need a PR campaign right away, uff da!


Anonymous said...

Clever writing and loved the Norwegian pick up! Very funny video!