League of the South

dixie outfittersHere is the reason I read the article on the Georgia primary in the first place. I've been trolling through the League of the South website and its blog, Rebellion, a bit. I first heard about it from a post by Daniel Larison defending his membership in the group. Ray McBerry, director of the League of the South, finished 6th in the GOP primary with 3% of the votes (~17,000).
Ms. Handel repeatedly refused to participate in party debates if it required sharing a stage with rival Ray McBerry, a former school teacher and self-avowed "states-rights" candidate, who was accused of an inappropriate relationship with a female student. He has denied any misconduct and was never criminally charged. Mr. McBerry is also a director of the Confederate heritage group League of the South.
Confederate heritage group is putting it rather mildly, even PC-ish. From its Core Beliefs Statement:
  • The South still reveres the tenets of our historic Christian faith and acknowledges its supremacy over man-made laws and opinions
  • American society today is egalitarian and Marxist
  • it has neither been the will of God Almighty nor within the power of human legislation to make any two men mechanically equal
  • [society should be] structured upon the Biblical notion of hierarchy
  • [society should] stigmatize perversity and all that seeks to undermine marriage and the family
dixie outfitters

Here are some labels I came up with, respectively:

  • Theocratic
  • Delusional
  • Frivolous
  • Patriarchal
  • Discriminatory
But the real kickers are in the economic and political independence statements.

First up, economic principals:
It is The League of the South’s assertion that the system of fiat currency, fractional reserve banking, unfair trade agreements, outsourcing of jobs, and confiscatory taxation imposed by the American Empire have reduced considerably the Southern people’s standard of living. We believe in an economic and financial system that

* Has a monetary system where the currency is fully backed by gold and silver bullion.

* Abolishes all forms of the “income tax” on individuals and families.

* Has no central banking system.

* Abolished all taxes on real property, both during the life of its owner and at his death, and established allodial title to land as the only recognized form of ownership.

* Levies indirect taxation (e.g. sales and use taxes, tolls, etc.) as a reasonable and necessary means for the support of government functions.

* Enforces a “full disclosure” policy against banks that practice fractional reserve banking.
There are three more anodyne points. Then it's down to brass tacks - political independence.
To be truly free and self-governing, the South must throw off the yoke of imperial oppression. Therefore, The League of the South advocates the secession and subsequent independence of the Southern States from this forced union and the formation of a Southern republic. We envision a free Southern republic that

* Is a true constitutional confederation of sovereign, independent States who separately order and control their own internal affairs while working in unity with their sister States to conduct foreign affairs.

* Recognizes State representation in the legislature of the confederated States.

* Acknowledges that the individual States have constitutional rights of nullification, interposition, and secession.

* Practices a foreign policy of armed and vigilant neutrality (i.e. commerce and friendship with all, entangling alliances with none).

* Maintains secure borders and strictly limits immigration.

* Revives the use of State Militias in place of maintaining large, standing armies.

* Does not infringe upon the individual or collective right to purchase and own firearms of any type suitable for self-defense.

* Restricts the right to vote solely to those who are recognized as citizens of one of the member States of the confederation.
What do you think? Does Confederate heritage group cover it?