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Jesus and Mo(hammed - PBUH) is an atheist cartoon* that lampoons Christianity and Islam. I just added its feed to my blogroll (further down on the right). This one is called "elite".
eliteClick on the strip to be taken to a random comic. The author, who is anonymous, mostly takes his storyline from the current issues of the day. And sometimes the jokes write themselves, like this one. You can't make this up: New Vatican campaign to clamp down on 'liberal opinion', John Cooney, Irish Independent, June 7, 2010.
Vatican investigators to Ireland appointed by Pope Benedict XVI are to clamp down on liberal secular opinion in an intensive drive to re-impose traditional respect for clergy, according to informed sources in the Catholic Church.
Good luck with that.
An emphasis will be placed on an evangelisation campaign to overcome the alienation of young people scandalised by the spate of sexual abuse of children and by later cover-ups of paedophile clerics by leaders of the institutional church.
What about the young people sodomized? What is the Vatican doing for them?
A major thrust of the Vatican investigation will be to counteract materialistic and secularist attitudes, which Pope Benedict believes have led many Irish Catholics to ignore church disciplines and become lax in following devotional practices such as going on pilgrimages and doing penance.
You really can't make this stuff up! A major thrust of an investigation into pedophile priests is to encourage the laity to go on pilgrimages and do penance? Did anyone tell the Pope that the world outside the Vatican City walls is in the 21st Century? They did ... what did he do? He issued a papal bull? I'm not going to go there.
Bishops and priests will be instructed to preach to their congregations the unchanging central message of Jesus Christ about love, healing and repentance.
How about instructing bishops and priests not to sexually abuse children? (South Park already did it.) And to repent if they did? That might be a better plan.
While the restoration of church discipline and pious practices such as praying to Our Lady and the saints will be welcomed by regular church-goers, the Vatican investigation is likely to face a backlash from liberal Catholics who want more accountability and democracy in church decision-making.
Do you think regular church-goers are against accountability and democracy in church decision-making?
[New York] Archbishop Dolan's address, titled "God is the only treasure people desire to find in a priest", was the high point of the Irish church's celebration of The Year of the Priest, a campaign to encourage vocations to the priesthood.
Thousands of priests from across the world, including from Ireland, are expected to attend the showcase event which is planned as a major spectacle trumpeting the special status of the priesthood.
So many jokes, so little time. (Links are to more South Park clips, but the "moral" is just as good as the jokes, if you can ignore the pooping out of the mouth.)

Here's a sensible - but probably impossible - solution, let priests get married: Why Celibacy Should Be Abolished, Hans Kung, NYR Blog, April 1, 2010. (not an April Fool's, the policy for priests should be abolished, not celibacy itself).

* There are more, most with more wide-ranging subjects. And a narrowly focused video series or two. What a wonderful world wide web!

UPDATE: Serendipity! Jesus and Mo keep the Catholic theme a rollin'. Officially added 'ridiculous' as a category with this update. Thanks, Bill!

UPDATE II: This headline, Pope Pleads for Forgiveness Over Abuse, Rachel Donadio, New York Times, June 11, 2010, and the lede raised some hope:
Addressing the sexual abuse crisis from the seat of the Roman Catholic Church before thousands of white-robed priests, Pope Benedict XVI on Friday begged forgiveness, saying the church would do “everything possible” to prevent priests from abusing children.

“We, too, insistently beg forgiveness from God and from the persons involved, while promising to do everything possible to ensure that such abuse will never occur again,” Benedict told thousands of priests and the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square for celebrations marking the end of the Vatican’s Year of the Priest.
Then the third graf brought me back to reality:
The pope did not outline specific actions that the church would take to combat abuse, as many had hoped — and as Benedict had pledged at an audience in April. Nor did his remarks go much beyond what he had already said in a letter to Irish Catholics in March and in a private meeting with victims of sexual abuse on Malta in April.
Well, fine, baby steps. The Roman Catholic Church wasn't built in a century. But then the Pope had to keep going and blamed someone else:
The pope said the Devil was behind the scandal, saying it had emerged now, in the middle of the Vatican’s Year of the Priest, because “the enemy,” or the Devil, wants to see “God driven out of the world.”

“And so it happened that in this very year of joy for the sacrament of the priesthood, the sins of priests came to light — particularly the abuse of the little ones,” the pope added.
So Satan caused the scandal to come to light this year in Ireland and Germany, but it is not known if Lucifer was involved in the abuse itself. We might just never know.