I'm Done with Obama

The proposed budget freeze is my last straw. Paul Krugman lays the smackdown on President Obama and references the Talking Heads at the same time (nice!): Same As He Ever Was.

Like a non-broken clock, Glenn Greenwald is right 24 hours a day. He calls out this PR stunt of freezing non-security, non-entitlement federal spending. This chart shows how stupid that is:
budget chartAs for the State of the Union speech tomorrow, Obama could whistle "Dixie" out his ass and I'd be unimpressed. Actions speaking louder than words and all. Michael Lind lays out the necessary actions for Obama to prove that his new found populism is the real deal:
  1. Fire Geithner and Summers
  2. Push for serious financial industry reform, meaning stronger than the current House bill
  3. Pass a pared-down health insurance reform through reconciliation and expand coverage over time through Medicare and Medicaid
  4. Massive public investment in infrastructure
  5. Federal subsidies for millions of new jobs in healthcare and education
  6. Threaten trade barriers to China unless they devalue their currency by 25% in a few years
  7. Scrap the cap-and-trade bill (too many giveaways) and pass a small direct tax on carbon
  8. Spend $30 to $50 billion a year in energy R&D
That's not too much to ask for, is it? Good to know that there's still some progressives out there. But think of the end result if it split the difference between this and the Republican "position" (if they can find one). Not bad, I'd say.