President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

This is Ridiculous I

This is a joke and incredibly cheapens the world's foremost prize for peace. Again, it for peace. What has President Obama done to increase the amount of peace in the world?

Nobel Peace PrizeObama has pulled the trigger on extra-judicial killings through drone attacks in Pakistan and a commando raid in Somalia. He will almost certainly do so again. Now, the President of the United States has to do what he thinks is right. The killings so far are probably justifiable on the merits. And I'm certainly not saying the U.S. should never take this extreme measure. However, it should be a deal breaker for the Nobel Peace Prize committee. With little or nothing on the accomplishments for peace side of the ledger, this is a farce.

Obama should decline the award.

UPDATE: In his remarks, Obama has said he doesn't deserve the award, but will accept it as a call to action. I can live with that.

UPDATE II: Actually, Obama said he doesn't deserve to be in the company of the past winners. True, but he would have said the same thing if he actually did deserve the award. It's false modesty at best. I hope that when he accepts the award, he will clearly state he doesn't deserve it.

LINKS: Tom Tomorrow's cartoon, This Modern World nails it. As does Matt Taibbi at True/Slant.


T.O.M. said...

Agreed. Not Obama's fault....the Norwegians put him in a no-win situation. Shame on them. See Tom Friedman in 9/11 NYTimes for the correct response.

Norwegian Shooter said...

You mean Oct 11, "The Peace (Keepers) Prize" I have to disagree, as usual, with Tom Friedman. It is not a Peacekeeper Prize, it is a Peace Prize. Killing innocent civilians is inherent to war, not an exception. Again, I'm not saying that all military action is wrong, but that all military action destroys peace in some way.