Puff Daddies and Pot Mommas

Over lunch, I read an article from the Slate Science Feed, "Puff Daddies." It was hilarious at the beginning and fascinating at the end. I won't ruin the laugh lines, but here is one surprising tidbit:
The clinical evidence suggests that the greatest danger faced by boomers who use cannabis is heart disease. Getting high can increase your heart rate by about 40 beats per minute and cause unusual blood pressure fluctuations, which may in turn temporarily boost the odds of a heart attack. In 2001, a team of researchers from the Harvard Medical School found that smoking marijuana causes a transient, fivefold increase in risk. (Exercise, sexual activity, and bouts of anger can cause similar short-term risks.)
The chronic raises your heart rate? Who knew? Now on to the personal stuff.

marijuana leafI'm in my late 30's and my parents are not baby boomers - they're close in age, but far in culture. So it was even funnier for me, imagining my mom or dad asking about mary jane. If I remember correctly, as it did come up once, they have never tried it. So I doubt that they ever will, but just in case: Rents, if you want some ganja, I'll hook you up.

I think my peeps, Generation X, will likely follow the boomer pattern described in the article: youthful and salad days puffing, going dry during the children years, and re-toking as old fogies. That fits for me so far, although maybe puffing isn't quite strong enough to describe my relationship with the buds. Some have said that I really liked weed - I can't say I dispute that. But I haven't had the wacky tobacky for many years now, and as my son is only 5, that will likely continue for quite some time.

I look forward to reading some comments on this post, especially from one possible Pot Momma currently west of Joshua Tree, east of Los Angeles, north of the Salton Sea, and south of Barstow.


The Old Man said...

Well, a "rent" has to respond to this post. We very much enjoy reading the Shooter's work, and are impressed with his breadth of interest and thoughtful articulation on the issues of the day. More X'ers should be so engaged.
Yes, we know what mary jane is, but ganja is a totally new term for us. The Shooter should not be so sure that there wasn't some bud in the lives of the older generation.
In any case, this disclosure does not totally surprise us. Rents are not without a keen awareness of most of their issue's activities.

Anonymous said...


Slow... subime... tripping on the intricacies of dust particles floating, swirling in the awesome ray of sun streaming through the window. Wow.. window... glass made of sand, man that's cool!

Deep, thoughtful contempalation of expending energy on any thing other then a beer/food run.


... I think I am out of Bud.

Norwegian Shooter said...

The Old Man:
Thanks. On the bud, great, but you didn't inhale, right? BTW, Shooter doesn't like being called "issue."

Subime, eh? Are you saying you're below wanting to explode stuff?