Mexican Standoffs - Tarantino Style

Mexican StandoffI saw Inglourious Basterds this weekend. Great movie, very intense. My high school buddy, Ryan, blogs about movies at Trash Film Guru. He has a very positive review posted, so I won't duplicate his effort.

Rather, I thought I'd review a very common scene from Quentin Tarantino: the Mexican Standoff. By Wikipedia's count, the only 2 movies he has directed or written that don't have a Mexican Standoff are Jackie Brown and Death Proof. So that means 80% of his movies feature the tense, guns-drawn confrontation. Here are the movies and my ratings when I can remember the scene.
  • Reservoir Dogs. A classic standoff at the end of the movie, with a long and intense build up in the warehouse. (Photo above is part of the build up). Other than that Mr. Orange draws his gun off camera and the four involved all simultaneously shoot without a real trigger, an excellent scene.
  • True Romance. Not directed by Tarantino, but I would be shocked if he didn't have specific notes on the scene. Best standoff I've ever seen. Three groups of multiple guns each: the cops, the mafia, and the bodyguards. The innocent finders of the drugs are caught in the middle. Hilariously triggered by the assistant to the producer, asking the cops to be allowed to leave, exposing his betrayal of his boss. Incredibly long shootout, exquisite detail, and a great escape by one of the finders - this has it all.
  • Pulp Fiction. Everybody probably knows this one, pitting 2 petty criminals against 2 pros. However, one of the pros has just decided to hang it up after experiencing a supposed miracle immediately before the scene. Nice twist that lets everybody get out alive. Good stuff.
  • Natural Born Killers. I don't remember any scenes from this movie, but Wikipedia has a description of it (fourth paragraph). Unique feature is the standoff is broadcast live on television.
  • From Dusk till Dawn. Barely remember seeing this.
  • Kill Bill, vol. 1 and 2. Can't remember vol. 2 and don't think I saw vol. 1.
  • Inglourious Basterds. Awesome, I won't spoil it.
Give me some reminders in the comments and I'll update when my memory is jogged. By the way, my bad event memory has nothing to do with the previous post topic.


Ryan said...

That's right, the Mexican stand-off eatures in all his films apart from "Deathproof," which isn't terrific but is still definitely worth seeing, and "Jackie Brown," which I still think remains his absolute best film, "Basterds" included. Thanks for the kind words about my review.

Norwegian Shooter said...

Mistake, I hadn't seen Kill Bill vol. 2, cause if I had, I certainly would have remembered its great - and incredibly unique - Mexican Standoff. I'm taping Kill Bill vol. 1 tonight, so will double check that movie as well. New post on KBv2 is in the works.

Ricardo Vera said...

Kill Bill Vol.2 has one when the Bride first discovers she is preggers. Her and her assassin have a little stand off.