Agents of Change

To lighten things up a bit, I'll link to President Obama's Medal of Freedom Recipients. Very impressive people.


Troy said...

This reminds me of another winner of this award, one of the greatest Americans to ever live, Norman Borlaug. Grew up in Cresco, Iowa (about 30 minutes from where I grew up), went to school at the U of M, then led the crop breeding research efforts that avoided the Malthusian catastrophe predicted by "The Population Bomb" and saved a billion people from starvation.

Borlaug died a couple weeks ago. Assuming you share my appreciation for his efforts on behalf of humanity, it seems like the Uff-da Commonweal would be a fitting place for a tribute.

Norwegian Shooter said...

And how! I'll raise you another great Gopher - Ancel Keys. I will put a tribute to these dead white guys on the to do list.