Good Blogging

Not that this post will be good, as it is only a couple links to better posts, but it is blogging.

Hilzoy of Obsidian Wings has retired and for her last entry, she stated some reasons for blogging:
As I said before, one of the things that led me to start blogging in the first place was the fact that I thought the country had gone crazy [2002], and one of the things that particularly bothered me was the sheer level of invective and hatred that people seemed to feel comfortable directing at one another. I hated this, not just in itself, but because I thought: this harms us all.
But I also wanted to try, if at all possible, to treat people, and most especially my political opponents, with respect, except where respect had been clearly forfeited. (Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, I'm thinking of you.) Because, as I said, I think it's just corrosive to democracy if people are not willing to extend the benefit of the doubt to one another. Besides, it's uncharitable and wrong, and besides that, perhaps some people would survive in a world in which no one was ever more generous to them than they deserve, but I am quite sure that I would not.
I won't say I'll live up to this, but it is an aspiration. One thing I would like avoid is the preaching to the choir mode of most blogs. I will try to write as if my ideas will be fairly challenged by people who think differently. We'll see.

Hilzoy also had a good post on the Glenn Greenwald vs. Chuck Todd dustup. Original Greenwald post and podcast.