David Byrne

David Byrne is a good subject to kick off this blog with.

I first heard about the Talking Heads from the movie Stop Making Sense (1984). I saw it on Siskel and Ebert. Not only did I groove on the music, but the staging floored me. The thing I remember most is when the stage crew carried hand-held spotlights slowly in front of the band, casting huge shadows on the blank backdrop. And the Big Suit. I was immediately hooked.

Of course I wore a home-made big suit for Halloween one year. But I didn't wear it because it was a fashion statement - the Big Suit didn't make the man. It's what Byrne did in the suit that mattered. Not only is he a good song writer, musician, composer and artist, but he's a great dancer. Not dancing in the traditional sense, but using his body to express himself. It's quirky and odd, but very evocative. The picture at left is the best photo I could find to illustrate what I mean, but you have to see him in motion to truly grasp it.

David Byrne absolutely influenced my own dancing. (UnFortunately, it is past tense now.) I'm sure others could write a good bit about me tearing up the rug in my college days, but that's what comments are for. But for the record, I absolutely schooled Dancing Peter and Urn in our dance offs. Kids today would say they were served. Uh-huh.


Michelle Waters said...

I remember that big suit!

I've got you added to my RSS feeds so I can keep track of what's going on over here. I like your look. What's a Norwegian Shooter?

Norwegian Shooter said...

My first comment! But even so, I can't tell you what the title means. Too secret. Or embarrassing. Both actually.